Spect Red Bull Strive Mx Goggles Black Black Flash Smoke Silver Flash S.2



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No reflections, distortions or light refractions Combined with a thin frame design, the Strive gives you a 15% wider field of vision. In addition, the thin inner lens prevents the lenses from fogging up for over 180 seconds, far exceeding the required standard of 30 seconds. Frame: TPU TPU polyurethane has high wear and abrasion resistance as well as high low-temperature flexibility and resistance to oils and greases. Lens: Cylindrical The cylindrical lens has a flatter optic than the spherical lens, but still scores with excellent peripheral vision. 100% UVA & UVB protection Mirrored lens FSCAPE Our innovative F°SCAPE Anti-Fog technology uses tiny micro-etched channels on the lens surface to ensure that condensed water is immediately drained away and the lens does not fog up. FREE°D Our FREE°D technology corrects light refraction and thus prevents optical distortion.


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