Dead Men Don’t Smoke Marijuana



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Dead Men Don’t Smoke Marijuana is the last album by the beloved singer/, songwriter S.E Rogie. A collection of fingerpicked acoustic guitar tunes , rooted in the palm wine style of Sierre Leone, Rogie’s birthplace, and tinged , with gospel, reggae, country and blues, it was released to acclaim in 1994 , and has become an indisputable classic. No wonder: to listen to this wrylytitled recording is to soothe the soul. To be transported to a gentle, unhurried , place where songs called things like ‚Jaimgba Tutu (The Joy of Success)‘ and , ‚Nyalomei Luange (Love Me My Love)‘ tell life lessons in Krio and English over , the sweetest of melodies, in a silky baritone sung from the heart. , „Count your blessings, sisters and brothers,“ croons Rogie on ‚African Gospel‘, , his sentiments uplifted by call-and-response vocals, the chiming highlife , guitar of Ghana’s Alfred Kari Bannerman and the rhythmic double bass of , Danny Thompson, an Englishman whose ability to get to the heart of a piece , is palpable – and whose unlikely presence is part of the work’s uniqueness. , Rogie’s nearly fifty-year career was sprinkled with highlights. But it is this , album, his swansong – he passed away a few weeks after its release – , which endures. Ageing like a fine wine, indeed.


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